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Bernard Anthony Payne 1909-1944

The only thing we know at this moment, february 2021, is that Bernard died in the area of Leensel, near Helmond. His group was ordered from the Tilburg area to go east to Helmond. They moved to Helmond on the 28th of october 1944. In the afternoon at the 31st of october, around 15.00 hrs, they met havy attacks form the Germans. Bernard was killed and a comrade was wounded. Below the reconstruction of the area where Bernard was positioned. In the middle, baloon, the place where he was buried the first time.  That spot is in the woods near Leensel, Helmond.

 Now he is resting in Nederweert.

More information is searched by Mahmoud Abo Ali, a Syrian refugee living in Nederweert, and his daughter.