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Stories of Honour

To honour the Heroes their graves can be adopted.

To support the memory we present the possibility to publish the indivudual stories of the soldiers.  Contact the foundation for more information or help.

Below the names and a short summary.

Lesllie Wallace Harvey

Leslie was crew member on a Lancaster mission to Germany. All crew members bailed out the burning plane. Four men succeeded to return to Engeland, two are still missing, Leslie appeared to be buried in Hoppenstedt, close to the area where the bomber crashed. The investigation to possible war crimes was aborted because of the Russians.

Vincent Mc Kenzie

A Sunderland airman who died aged 19. To honour him a search for a picture of his has been initiated by his adopter Floris.

Bernard Antony Payne

Bernard was killed in action in the neighbourhood of Leensel. War diaries showed the exact locations of the fights and first place of buriel of Bernard. Those exact sports, in the woods, are discovered and shown in his story. His  collegue Roy Charles Whitehead, in the diaries mentioned as wounded is also buried in Nederweert.