Foundation Adoptiongraves Nederweert War cemetery



Welcome to the website of the Foundation Adoptiongraves Nederweert War Cemetery 

After months of preparation, we are proud to announce that the new adoption register will replace the old register. We call on adopters who have already adopted a grave in the past to contact us at We are happy to receive new registrations through our SIGN UP page >>

A tribute to those who had the courage to fight for the freedom and rights of their fellow men. The freedom and rights that our society sometimes takes for granted.  It is now up to us to set an example by doing the right thing and enforcing respect for those who could never enjoy freedom.

They died lonely far from home and often disappeared into anonymous graves. Through our adoption project we give them a face and their stories are told again.

Board members

Niek Hendrix- Chairman
Wiel Mackus - Secretary / Treasurer
Jermain Nicholls - boardmember
Marcus Vankan - boardmember
Engelbert van Essen- boardmember

Research group adoptiongraves

Jermain Nicholls, Engelbert van Essen, Henk Penders, Jurgen Beekers and Josephine Korsten-Beelen

Public relations, Paul Batenburg and Marcus Vankan

Patron of our foundation is the former deputy of the Province of Limburg, Mr. H.J.H. (Hubert) Mackus

Patroness of our foundation is Mrs. Julia Wells-Harden (daughter of Henry Eric Harden- Victoria Cross recipient)

Our initiative is supported  by  the Commonwealth War Graves Commision, the Municipality of Nederweert, the Bond van Wapenbroeders (Legion of Veterans), and the Stichting Luchtoorlog 1939-1945 (Foundation Air War 1939-1945).